Absolute Pitch Trainer – perfect pitch exercises

OS X 10.6.6
What did world renowned musicians like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Liszt have in common? The answer is they all possessed Absolute Pitch ability. But the truth of the matter is Absolute Pitch is not confined to a few classical composers of the past – because many good musicians have developed AP and use it all the time. And now, thanks to Absolute Pitch Trainer, you too can develop the Absolute Pitch skillset! All it takes is 20 minutes a day, and you will start noticing results right away. Absolute Pitch Trainer uses a specialized algorithm which gradually builds your Absolute Pitch skill level to 100%. Users start out with learning one note, which is played an equal amount of times across all octaves of the piano keyboard. The software constantly gauges your progress, and adds a second note when you are ready for it. This process gradually continues until the entire 12 notes of the chromatic scale are added, and being played across all octaves of the piano. Advanced users can set the difficulty level manually. With regular training, you will have a perfect ear. Results can be verified by an independent online pitch test. Features: Simple to use. No user manuals or settings to fiddle around with. It just works out of the box, just launch and practice. Absolute Pitch Trainer focuses on teaching you Perfect Pitch, instead of how to use the program. Gradual learning. Absolute Pitch Trainer utilizes an algorithm that gradually builds your Perfect Pitch hearing ability to 100%. You do not have to increase the difficulty level, the program will do it for you. Likewise, the program will lower the difficulty level when it get’s too tough. Absolute Pitch Trainer will walk you through the process - all you have to do is remember to keep practicing 20 minutes per day. Color tones. Studies have shown that some people memorize musical tones by associating them with color. Absolute Pitch Trainer utilizes Alexander Scriabin’s color tone scale as a mnemonic device option to train memorization. MIDI & PC interfaces. You can use your MIDI keyboard instrument to interface with the program, or you can use the virtual piano keyboard built into Absolute Pitch Trainer for input. Progress tracking. The difficulty level achieved, in combination with your score, will help you with tracking your progress on a daily basis. Display played notes. This useful option for beginners highlights all the notes that have already been played in the realm of an exercise, making it easier to isolate the valid answer options as the exercise progresses. The more you progress into the exercise, the easier it gets.