Activity Timer – Interval Edition

OS X 10.8
Especially for lovers of time management, productivity and fans of the simplicity of our Activity Timer. The "Activity Timer - Interval Edition". Perfect for time management. This timer allows to split a working task into intervals. This could be for example the 25 minute interval the "Pomodoro Technique®" uses. Plan your activities in this simple Interval Timer which integrates smoothly into your Mac OS X status bar. Start working and see how the tomato icons fills up. Get notified about short and long breaks. You will recognise how you can optimise your working productivity. The Interval Timer will notify you when you are done and when you need breaks and when a new interval starts. Configure the length of your breaks and configure freely your activities. The Pomodoro Technique® splits an activity into smaller chunks (aka pomodoro) of work (normally with the length of 25 minutes). Between the first 4 pomodori you need to take short breaks and after the 4th pomodoro you will then take a longer break. During working on a pomodoro you should be not disturbed, so that you can focus on your specific task. Try it, it's fun. Copyright: Pomodoro Technique® and Pomodoro® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo.