Master Class – Guides for Microsoft Word 2011

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In Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training, we show how to create, format, and print a wide variety of documents in Microsoft Word 2011. The course covers building outlines, formatting text and pages, working with headers and footers, using themes and styles, adding multimedia, and more. It also shows how to customize and automate Word 2011, including how to record macros. Exercise files accompany the course. Lessons include: ● Understanding the Word Interface ● Working with Files ● Learning the Basics of Text Entry ● Learning the Basics of Text Editing ● Formatting Text Characters ● Formatting Paragraphs ● Working with Tab Tables ● Using Styles ● Using Other Text Formatting Techniques ● Formatting Documents and Sections ● Adding Header and Footers ● Working with Cell Tables ● Using Borders and Shading ● Working with Multimedia Elements ● Using Automatic Text Features ● Working with Outlines ● Using Word's Writing Tools ● Working with Other Users in Word ● Creating Letters, Envelops,and Labels ● Controlling Privacy and Security ● Printing Documents ● Using Macros ● Customizing Word