Addition Blocks Edu

OS X 10.6
Fluency Games is excited to release Addition Blocks 3! Addition Blocks is specifically designed to build student fact fluency with our unique and award-winning game. Simply tap on connected digit blocks to sum to the falling target block. Add quickly, or the target blocks will stack up! Features: * Multiple speed and difficulty settings * Five Different Game Modes - Timed, Practice, Normal, Continuous Play, and Challenge * Over 25 achievements * Unlockable special blocks * Hidden levels * Performance Reporting (Accuracy, Speed, and Use). "A math app that is fun, easy to use, and challenging for even the most advanced players. This is one app parents and teachers don’t want to miss out on!" -- (Editor's Choice, 4 1/2 Stars) "...there comes a time when [block and puzzle types can be] harnessed to deliver something new and groundbreaking." --- "...will hook children by simply being addicting..." -- "The Candy Crush for math" -- 4 1/2 stars -- This special edition of Addition Blocks features no external links, ads, or in-app purchases. The game is aligned the Common Core for Math Operations to develop fluency in addition (1.OA.C6; 2.OA.B2) in the first and second grades. Because of the time element in the game, repetition in finding sums, immediate feedback, freedom to fail, players have many opportunities to transfer basic math facts to long-term memory. Additionally, players are forced to move from inefficient methods (using fingers or counting) to more efficient recall strategies. Although designed to increase speed and accuracy for elementary-level students, Addition Blocks is playable for all ages! Addition Blocks was the winner of 2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge (Educator Entry, PBS Kids Prize).