Advanced SystemCleaner Pro

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Advanced SystemCleaner provides a full arsenal of system-maintenance tools to make your Mac run faster. ▪. Junk Clean Scan every corner of your system, find out junk files to keep your hard disk from being wasted. Junk Clean will let you clean your junk, log, and cache files with ease in order to boost your computer and free up disk space, keeping your Mac clean, fast, and reliable.(free) ▪. Monitor (Displayed in status bar) Monitoring CPU,Memory and Network. Optimize Memory.(free) ▪. Virus Scan Quickly scan virus to safeguard your mac.(in-app purchase) ▪. App Removal Help get rid of unwanted apps or leftover files.(in-app purchase) ▪. iTunes Junk Clean iTunes caches, outdated device backups,broken downloads, old software updates, copies of iOS apps and other iTunes supporting data.(in-app purchase) ▪. Duplicates files Locate and remove the duplicated files on your Mac quickly.(in-app purchase)