Aha Notification

OS X 10.8
Aha Notification Provider (Aha NP) run on iOS 7. Aha Notification (Aha NC) run on Mac OS X. This program using Bluetooth LE, let your Mac can receive all of iPhone/iPad/iPod Notification Center data. Aha NP allow to connect multiple Aha NC in same time. Aha NC allow to connect multiple Aha NP in same time. Anti Lost using ble RSSI technology to detect the distance between iOS device and Mac. We using this technology to help you to protect your iOS device. But we should say: The RSSI distance detect is a reference value not a absolute value. The Anti-Lost detect RSSI per second. It run on your Mac so no using any battery power on your iOS device. If you need to save your Mac battery power, you can disable it. Q&A: Q: Device list display "Unknown device name" A: Sometimes the program can't obtain device name in advertising data, the device name will show "Unknown device name" in device scan. The device name will show correct if you connect to the device. This question fix at Aha Notification Provider V1.1.0.