Air Pasteboard

OS X 10.10
This app runs on your system top bar (the one displays time), and it allows you to share text, files, URL, codes easier by either generating a link or Airdrop it. -Drag and drop a file to the app icon, and then your file will be instantly shared through Dropbox! (Please login your Dropbox account first) - Share code through Pastebin service API (will be shared as Unlisted, you can go to the linked Pastebin to edit the existing pastes). You will have to create an account or log in your existing one in Settings of this app. -Share current Chrome/ Safari tab. If you have any questions, please click on App Support or visit Warning before using: Please don't use this app to share classified, secrete, or private information. Although there're necessary technologies to protect data security, the developer won't take any responsibilities for the content of any paste generated by you, for data loss, or for any other issues caused by this pasteboard.