Algebra Study Guide with Tutorials

OS X 10.6
Algebra Study Guide isn an app that teaches you how to do algebra with worked, step-by-step examples. If algebra leaves you confused, Algebra Study Guide is here to help with hundreds of worked examples that show step-by-step solutions. Algebra Study Guide is practical - it will help you learn algebra by seeing how an expert solves problems. Includes both books to read at your own pace and video tutorials. - Review of numbers and exponents - Solving for variables - Factoring - Rational functions - Simplifying - Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Formula - Doing word problems - Completing the Square - Solving cubics Video Tutorials Include: -Exponents and Absolute Values - Solving for unknown variables - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials - Slope-Intercept Equation - Equation of a Line - Distance and Midpoint -Factoring, Roots and Radicals - Solving Absolute value equations, graphing absolute values - Simplifying Fractional Expressions - Quadratic Formula - Completing the Square - Graphing Quadratics - Inequalities - Interest rate and percentage problems - Word Problems - Logarithms - Solving Simultaneous Equations FEATURES: - Easy to understand and learn algebra at your own pace - Good for all levels of algebra, from algebra I to college algebra - Great for students or for review and self-study - Includes PDF books to read on your computer - Watch videos showing you in real time how to solve problems