Alphabet Art 2

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Put more than 1,300 royalty-free images and graphics suitable for commercial use to work for you. Alphabet Art 2 has just the right clip art image based on every letter of the alphabet for any creation. Bring your idea to the next level with the incredible images in Alphabet Art 2. Royalty-free content gives you the flexibility and rights to use them for any project with no restrictions. ·1,300+ png images based on the alphabet ·All Royalty Free! Incredible Letter Images for Your Projects Alphabet Art 2 is perfect for all of your projects, including: ·Newsletters ·Brochures ·Banners ·Business Cards ·Greeting Cards ·Calendars ·Crafts ·Scrapbooks ·Letterhead ·Envelopes ·Stickers and Labels ·Signs ·Invitations ·Plus Much More! Alphabet Art 2 clip art images can easily be imported into the following titles: -Graphic Design Studio -Logo Design Studio Pro -Microsoft Word & Powerpoint -Apple iLife & iWork -Adobe Photoshop -And any other program that excepts imports of png images