Ambi Launcher Lite

OS X 10.10
It's a Lite version of AmbiLauncher. Right and bottom sections are not available in the lite version. The AmbiLauncher application allows you to launch applications or to run AppleScript scripts by moving the pointer quickly to the left edge of the screen and back. Now, you don't need to remember the key combinations for each application or aim at any buttons. You don't even need to take your finger off the touch panel or lift your hand from the mouse. The screen boundaries are divided into sections of different colors. One quick movement of the cursor to each section of the screen and back launches the application. You can edit the color, size, and position of the sections. The assigning of applications to each of the sections is done by dragging icon of app file into program window. You can also edit the width of the sections on the screen border and their transparency. When the cursor stays near the screen borders for a long time, the sections disappear and don't interfere with pressing buttons, scrolling or watching the video in full-screen mode. Launching applications with AmbiLauncher is now fast and simple.