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The RadBeacon™ app is the configuration utility for RadBeacon proximity beacons from Radius Networks that support Apple's iBeacon™ proximity services as well as other emerging proximity services. The RadBeacon app from Radius Networks requires a Macintosh computer running OS X 10.9 or higher and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. With the RadBeacon app you can scan for nearby configurable Radius Networks beacons. Once discovered, you can display each beacon's operating settings and make modifications to those settings. Scanning for RadBeacons ------------------------------ Scan for nearby configurable RadBeacons by pressing the Start Scanning button. Each beacon discovered is displayed with the following summary details - Beacon Name - Beacon Model - Firmware Version - Hardware ID - Battery Level Reviewing RadBeacon Settings ------------------------------------ Select any RadBeacon in the table to view it's detailed settings. The settings displayed include: _Summary_ - Beacon Name - Beacon Model - Firmware Version - Hardware ID - Battery Level _Modifiable Settings_ - Beacon Name - Beacon Type - Advertised Organizational Identifier [ UUID ] - Advertised Group Identifier [ Major ] - Advertised Unit Identifier [ Minor ] - Advertised Measured Power - Advertisement Rate - Transmit Power Updating RadBeacon Settings ----------------------------------- Change any of the modifiable settings and select the Apply button to submit a valid PIN to update the settings for this beacon. Update RadBeacon PIN ---------------------------- Select the Update PIN button to submit a new and existing PIN to update the PIN for your beacon. Reset to Factory Settings ----------------------------- Select the Reset button to reset the device to the original factory settings. Submit a valid PIN to reset the settings for your beacon to factory defaults. Lock Settings ---------------- Select the Lock button to submit a valid PIN to prevent connections from remote Bluetooth 4.0 devices to the beacon configuration service. The Lock feature is a security precaution to limit the possibility of third party manipulation of your beacons once they have been installed and configured. In order to re-enter configurable mode for a RadBeacon USB, remove and restore power to the device. In order to re-enter configurable mode for a RadBeacon Tag, remove the front cover and press the configuration push button switch near the coin cell battery. In order to re-enter configurable mode for a RadBeacon X2, remove the front cover and switch the beacon power switch to OFF and back to ON. A beacon set in configurable mode will be configurable for up to 30 minutes or until you lock the device again. Boot To DFU --------------- Select the DFU button to reboot the beacon into Direct Firmware Update mode. Contact Radius Networks support for information on the procedure for firmware update or replacement. In order to re-enter normal operational model, simply remove and replace power to the device.