Ampl4 for Positive Grid Bias

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Your amp manager for Positive Grid® Bias amps ! If you are as addicted as we are on PositiveGrid® tones, you probably wish there'd be a way to organise the tons of great amps you've downloaded from ToneCloud®... There is ! With Ampl4™, import amps from your PositiveGrid® Apps, manage and organise them in collections, export them back in seconds. Import Import Bias® amps from compatible PositiveGrid® Apps (Bias® Amp mobile/desktop, Bias® FX mobile/desktop, JamUp®...) Manage your amps Tired of the vague amps naming ? Want to learn more about legendary amps ? Start creating your own Ampcyclopedia™ ! Rename your amps using their real names, add descriptions and working notes, find duplicates in your collection and more ! Manage your collections Drag Amps from one collection to another. Create collections by style, brand, years, features, etc... Export Pick a collection and export it back in few clicks to Bias Amp Desktop, Bias FX Desktop (as preset Bank) or your iPad/iPhone Apps (Bias Amp, Bias Fx, JamUp, JamUp, etc..) -------------- Features List : Import Bias Amps from PositiveGrid Applications (see list bellow) Backup your existing amps Edit Amps metadata (Brand, Name, Year), add description and relevant notes Customize Amps pictures (Appearance in Positive Grid® apps varies) Manage collections: Strip down your amp list into manageable collections that you can easily export to Apps on need. Remove amps, drag amps from one collection to another Sort your Amps by brand, category, version, etc. Identify duplicates in your collection (based on Amps internals, not names) Export collection to a Positive Grid mobile App or Plugin (Exporting Amps to iOS applications requires iTunes) Automatic lookup of defaults amps to get you started (Load amp description and pictures) * Mac OSX 10.7 and later * Ampl4™ for Bias® requires that you own a compatible Positive Grid App * Supported Positive Grid Applications: Import: * Desktop Applications: Bias Amp, Bias Amp2, Bias FX (Mac versions) * Mobile Apps: Bias Amp iPad/iPhone, Bias FX, JamUp Standard/Pro Export: * Bias Amp 1 and 2 Desktop, Bias FX Desktop (through Bias Amp Desktop or as Bias FX preset banks). * Bias Amp, Bias FX, JamUp Standard/Pro -------------- Ampl4™ is not associated or affiliated in any way with PositiveGrid® All product names used in this description or in the screenshots are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Ampl4™ author. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers.