FreshenUp - Disk Cleaner, Optimizer and Adware Sweeper

OS X 10.8
≈ LAUNCH SALE! $4.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY ≈ FreshenUp lets you quickly clean your computer and recover valuable disk space by deleting unnecessary files. It takes great care to not remove any valuable documents or files that you have created. Unnecessary files? What are those? They are files generated by applications while using them to improve their performance or to help developers solve bugs. A lot of applications forget to clean up these files and they accumulate so much so that they take up disk space you could use to store your files. ≈ FEATURES ≈ • Cleans App Caches, User Caches, Attachments, Logs and Trash • Removers adware from Safari, Firefox and Chrome • Advanced cache cleaning algorithm • Fast and lightweight • Free updates ≈ SUPPORT ≈ Please remember that we cannot respond to AppStore reviews, so please contact us via email. If you have any problems or want to suggest features, feel free to contact us.