Annotations App by LEADTOOLS

OS X 10.10
APP FOR DEVELOPERS – see note below. Annotate (mark-up) images and photos without changing the image data using the LEADTOOLS Annotation App. • Broad range of image annotation objects, including note, text, geometric shapes, rulers, audio, and video. • Redaction and encryption objects to protect sensitive information. • LEADTOOLS annotations can be stored as an external annotation XML file to be loaded later on. • Implement hyperlinks for every object. Popular uses for hyperlinks include user defined messages, programs to run, or jumps to web pages. • Perform the following operations on a single object or group of objects: Scale, Translate, Rotate, Flip, and Reverse. • Ability to Burn Annotations to the Exported Image NOTE: This is one of the applications that is provided with source code in LEADTOOLS, the award-winning SDK for programmers. This application is built using LEADTOOLS Image Annotation SDK technology. This app is intended to show developers some of the many capabilities that they can integrate into their own applications using LEADTOOLS. For more information or to download a free evaluation SDK of our full toolkit, including the source code for this app, visit: We love your feedback! Please feel free to share it with us anytime at: