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This is a viewer for Antetype (atype) files which are output by Antetype. Antetype: The best way to design beautiful and responsive UIs for mobile apps, websites and enterprise software. Antetype is the first design and layout software focused on visual design, built by UI designers for UI designers. It saves you a lot of time creating and optimizing high-fidelity detailed UI design prototypes. Dynamic Layout User interfaces are seldom static, so why should your prototypes be? Antetype offers a range of layout modes that allow you to create highly flexible and dynamic layouts. Want to show your design in a different resolution? Simply resize the canvas area and your layout will do the rest. Widget Library The widget library included with Antetype provides you with a complete set of ready-to-use widgets to get you started quickly with your prototyping! Adapt and extend the library for the specific needs of your own projects to harvest the full power of Antetype. Visual Design Envisioning your user interface with wireframes helps you to figure out how everything will work. Antetype's strengths come in when realistic, pixel-exact mock-ups are needed. It gives you complete artistic freedom to design beautiful apps and makes it easy to quickly adapt them according to your stakeholders' and customers' desires. The larger and more complex your project is, the more benefits you will see. Presentation With Antetype's interaction features, you can easily demonstrate the feel of your prototype. Define actions, events, widget states and change screens. Use presentation mode to leverage Antetype's built-in automated widget state switches (e.g. between normal, mouseover and pressed). Export your prototype for cross-platform viewing in a web browser or use the iOS Viewer to evaluate your design on the target devices, including all of your interactions. By UI Designers for UI Designers Antetype is built by Ergosign, one of Europe's leading UX companies. Ergosign designs, optimizes and implements unique user interfaces for enterprise, industry and medical applications as well as mobile devices and consumer products. Have a look at the case studies to find out more.