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apiKa Manager is an application allowing to send interactive activities to an entire fleet of iPads in conjunction with multimedia resources to support and enrich your lessons in all subjects. Designed to be deployed onto the whole class using a high performance wireless network, the working platform is fully controlled and monitored by a teacher from his computer.  A multidisciplinary application This solution offers a range of features that allows teachers to initiate in all subjects different types of activities from media files (audio, video, text, image and web links). Rapidly manage your iPad class apiKa allows each teacher to create their own workspace in which they can organize their documents and retrieve all their pupils’ work in chronological order. Whether importing multimedia files, sending activities or retrieving and saving pupils’ work, all of these things can be accomplished in next to no time! Work in groups Enjoy a new work experience by creating several working groups and developing all class levels!  Interactive activities: • Textual exercises: use text files through a text editor to work with your pupils on specific exercises : questions and answers, close tests, dictation, writing, creative writing, translation, grammar, syntax and reading exercises with a teleprompter... • Audio exercises: use different types of audio player/recorders (single player, single track or double track player/recorder) to work on phonetic exercises, listening, recording, repetition, simultaneous translation, question and answer sessions, verbal expression (with or without a teleprompter) etc... • Video exercises: send a video to be viewed by an entire iPad fleet, add a recording to a video (analysis of a video, image or presentation in video format, simultaneous translation video, etc.) • Quizzes: conduct your quizzes and evaluate the knowledge of your class on the spot. • Web exercises: work on websites and let your pupils navigate to research information independently and with or without guidance.  Sharing and monitoring Find more great features to manage your class: • Stopwatch: set a time limit to complete activities in the form of a count-down. • Viewer: use a filing drawer (accessible to one pupil, a group of pupils or the entire iPad class) to make schedules, instructions or correction exercises available, at any time and in different formats. • Binoculars: monitor your pupils’ progress whenever you want and access to their iPad. • Controlled internet access: monitor and guide work on internet website with or without an integrated address bar. • Communication: communicate live with your pupils to give instructions or support via instant text messaging. IMPORTANT To be fonctionnal, apiKa Manager (Mac software) must be used jointly with apiKa (iPad software), and the two devices (mac & iPad) connected on the same sub-network. The bonjour protocol must be ON on this subnet You can download directeclty for free a version of apiKa Manager to manage one iPad on Kallysta's web site (http://www.kallysta.com/?page_id=13). and the iPad version on App Store ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apika/id682380486 ) When apiKa Manager is installed and launched on the Macintosh, and apiKa is launched and user identified on the iPad, the iPad appear on the Mac windows, then activities management can could began. For any specific question, don't hesitate to contact Kallysta support (http://www.kallysta.com/support/)