Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel

OS X 10.9
Merge Tables Wizard matches and merges data from two Excel worksheets in seconds. This smart tool is a user-friendly alternative to Excel Lookup/Vlookup functions. After 15 days the wizard will process tables with up to 50 rows. You can remove this limitation via In-App Purchases. Microsoft Excel is required to use this app. With this app you can: • Compare and merge two Excel tables in 5 quick steps • Use one or several key columns for comparison • Update the existing columns in your main table • Add non-matching columns to the end of your main list. When you work with Merge Tables Wizard, you can choose the following options to get the expected results: • Add the rows from the lookup table that are not present in your first table to the end • Add or insert rows with duplicate key column values • Update only empty and new cells in the main table • Update the first table cells only if the corresponding cells from the lookup table contain data • Add the Status column that will mark the changed rows as Updated, Duplicate, Matching, New row, etc. • Automatically change the background color of the updated cells in your main list. Merge Tables Wizard will help you each time you need to compare two Excel spreadsheets, find the updates or new records and pull them to your main table for further analysis.