Apollo Transmit

OS X 10.7
Apollo Transmit is part of a suite of applications that let you integrate your iOS devices with desktop DAWs. Apollo Transmit will stream audio over a WiFi or ethernet connection; use the free Apollo Sound Injector app (available for iOS, OS X, and as a VST for the PC) to receive the audio. Our related app, Music IO, will support Sound Injector in an upcoming update. We recommend SoundFlower, as an easy way to route audio around your Mac. This is a free kernel plug-in, from the great people at Cycling '74! https://code.google.com/p/soundflower/downloads/list Start up Apollo Transmit on your Mac, and select the audio input. If you would like to stream audio from your DAW, select Soundflower as the audio output for your DAW, and also select Soundflower as the Apollo Transmit audio input. Then, start Apollo Sound Injector on your iOS device, another Mac, or on a PC. For both iOS and Mac, you can use Bonjour to have Sound Injector find Transmit -- just tap the browse button, and the network address is filled in automatically. For the PC VST, you'll have to type the network address in (this is shown on the Transmit window). Tap connect, and the audio starts streaming. Apollo Sound Injector and Transmit have a simple buffering scheme to avoid glitches, but that may introduce some latency in the audio. Tap the "tighten up" button on Sound Injector to reduce latency. If you would like to stream audio from iOS to Sound Injector running on a Mac, another iOS device, or a PC, check out Apollo Remote Recorder in the iTunes store! It streams audio, and can also record directly on an iOS device, for zero latency recordings. You can use MIDI to toggle recording, so that the recordings are timed precisely. If you'd like to bring the recordings back to your Mac, or other desktop system, Apollo Remote Recorder has a built-in web server giving you access -- and there's even a Mac app, Apollo Remote Sync, which will upload recordings to your Mac automatically!