App for WhatsApp

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 1.99
App for WhatsApp brings the WhatsApp Messenger to your Desktop with seamless integration by using native notifications, drag-and-drop to send media, full support for emojis, and much more. It is the must-have app for any WhatsApp addict with a Mac! Only with App for WhatsApp: Polished Mac style user interface Do-not-disturb mode: disables all notifications) Privacy mode: Automatically password locks App for WhatsApp after user selected time Record videos (up to 30s) and photos directly in app and send them to your friends Play your voice messages Choose from more than 20 different notification sounds Option to automatically launch the app after login Option to hide the dock icon (run the app seamlessly in the background) Open the app window with a keyboard shortcut at any time (⇧⌥W) Option to show a menu-bar icon (in the upper-right corner of the display, where the clock is) Customization options for the notifications (show/hide sender and message preview) Full English translation Integrates seamlessly into your Mac workflow Use drag-and-drop to send media Reply to incoming messages right from the message notification Show unread message count in Dock icon badge Show new unread message alert in the menu bar Download images and videos to your Mac Play videos inside the app Choose a custom chat window wallpaper image App window supports full screen and split screen mode Standalone Application. No need to have a Web Browser window open to write WhatsApp messages. Optimized for minimum CPU and memory footprint using latest Swift 2.0 technology Support: We have answered the most frequent questions in an FAQ, which you can reach at For further support, feature requests, bug reports or anything else, please send an e-mail to We'll be happy to assist you! Important: App for WhatsApp requires a WhatsApp Web-compatible device. (If you are unsure please open WhatsApp on your mobile device, navigate to settings, and check for a "WhatsApp Web" option). Disclaimer: App for WhatsApp is a third-party app. The developer of this software is not sponsored by or affiliated with WhatsApp, Inc., in any way.