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Are you spending too much time browsing the internet when you could be working on your side project?Or would you like to track your productivity to make sure you don't get burnt out?Applied Focus allows you to monitor your application and website usage, helping you to better manage your time.Applied Focus has the following features: - Tracking usage of both websites and applications. Chrome, Safari and Firefox* are supported.- A Whitelist of applications and websites to track. Rather than simply monitoring everything, Applied Focus only monitors those apps and sites that are important to you.- Usage history information, including the total time today, yesterday, and weekly, this month and previous monthly sum total and averages, helping you monitor your usage trends over time.- Displays the focus app's usage in the MacOS status bar. This is also optional, for those that prefer the minimalist view.- Options include monitoring an application only while it has focus, or always monitoring while the application is running.- Built to work on older MacOS systems right back to 10.11.* Firefox requires the use of an external plugin. See the website for more details.