Apps Showcase – Show the world your favourite Apps

OS X 10.8
With Apps Showcase it is very easy to showcase your favorite apps to your friends, family or the whole world. Select the folder where your programs are and Apps Showcase lists all Apps with icon and name. Select the apps you want to present in your Showcase list. For each App, you can add a description and a link. If you add an App Store Link like, Apps Showcase will automatically load the description from the App Store. In the settings you can adjust from which App Store (which Language) the descriptions will be fetched. If you are a Member of the PHG Affiliate Network, you can add your Affiliate Code in the Settings and it will be added automatically to each iTunes Link. Export the list as a CSV file for further processing in a spreadsheet or as a HTML web page, including images, clean linking and different designs. You can upload the HTML web page directly within Apps Showcase to your web server using the FTP Export. All settings and information are stored locally and restored each time you start Apps Showcase. On you can see an example of a list made with by Apps Showcase.