AppStart For Photos

OS X 10.11
AppStart for Photos --- Use any image editor from Apple Photos --- * Directly within Apple Photos you can launch any third party image editor... Adobe Photoshop and more... * Favorite the one you use the most... * AppStart goes beyond other external editors and provides you a way to edit directly your images from Photos with all kind of external image editor (sandboxed or not) * We have added a set of color retouching (HSV/Brightness/Temperature) and blending... including a nice sharpening tool * You can import directly images inside AppStart right toward Photos * AppStart offers also all the same features with the standalone app provided including different export (JPEG/BMP/TIFF/PNG) Easy to Use: - Within Apple Photos select an Image - Click on Edit - Select the 'AppStart' Extension - Color correct/sharpen and Use your favorite Image Editor Nice Tricks.. Click Save without quitting your ExternalEditor and collect it back in Photos Drag and Drop any image for more editing