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Archiv - 是一个为您的Mac计算机准备的全新现代化压缩工具,最大程度的方便您的使用。借助Archiv,您能创建不同流行格式的压缩包并轻松解压它们。密码保护使您的压缩包同样很安全。支持便利的拖放功能! 创建 - 7z, zip, bz2, gz, tar, dmg 和 iso 提取 - 7z, RAR, zip, bz2, gz, dmg 和 iso 你的语言 - 专业翻译和母语 - English, Deutsch, Français, 中文, 日本語, 한국어, Español, Português, Italiano, Svenska, Nederlands, Dansk, Norsk, Suomi, Polski, Русский "Perfect! Finally a good application that works well for archives in several formats! Thank you developer!" ("Parfait ! Enfin une bonne application qui fonctionne bien pour faire des archives sous plusieurs fomats ! Merci au développeur !") - Sylvain16400 "Archiv - is the high level of minimalism.. simple and convenient tool for working with archives.." - yablyk 技术支持 我们想收到你的来信,我们如何能够改善我们的应用程序!联系方式。 NOTE: To dismiss asking permission for operation, please select the root folder level above or the entire disk. Due to limitations of Apple Sandboxing there is no possibility anymore to create DMG archives within app bought from Mac App Store. If you want to use app also for creating DMG archives with passwords, you can get app on my official online store on website. Website: ---------------------------------------- Take a look also at another my apps: Aktuell 3 - RSS news reader. Aktuell Lite - lite version of Aktuell. Aktuell for iOS - RSS news reader for iOS. Duplikate - modern duplicate files finder. Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner - bookmarks duplicate cleaner for Safari. Archiv - archiver and unzipper for 7z, RAR, zip, tar, bz2, gz files and dmg, iso, udf images. Tresor - password manager with high level of security. -> You can find in right side of this page in section "More".