Artpaper – HD wallpapers daily

OS X 10.10
Artpaper will freshen up your desktop by bringing 1000+ paintings from the best galleries to it. NEW WALLPAPERS EACH DAY • It changes wallpapers automatically. • Get your wallpapers updated on computer shutdown or different intervals: day, week, 2 weeks, month. • Constantly see something fresh on your desktop! MULTIPLE SCREENS SUPPORT • It can set different wallpapers on different screens. • No matter how many external displays you have! GORGEOUS IMAGES • All our wallpapers are scanned paintings from the best museums & galleries across the world. • Copyright-free. • Get basic info about the painting and author in Artpaper window. HUNDREDS OF IMAGES • We have 7 different packs of pictures you can choose between. • In total, there are 1000+ paintings in our collection. • Download only packs you like to reduce space usage. Download Artpaper now to freshen up your Mac desktop!