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ASL Dictionary We added all our advanced features to this classic edition of ASL Dictionary. Great for schools and easy access on your Mac. The same ASL Dictionary you know and love. ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary OVER 5,200 SIGNED WORDS ADVANCED FEATURES • Create a Favorites List • Quiz any Category • Adjustable Slow Motion Play • Loop Play • Replay • Categories • Next & Previous videos button • Advanced Search • Play all (plays one video after the next) • No Internet required VIDEO FEATURES • Over 5,200 signs from A-Z • 765 Multiple meaning words signed • Multiple word signs such as “don’t want” & “hard of hearing” • 462 Idioms translated • Time • Money • Dates, Months, Years • General numbers • Finger Spelled Alphabet • Symbols • Common Phrases like “You’re too late” Note: If you are a hearing person there is no audio in this app. **Guaranteed to work perfectly. If you need help please email us at THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT