Astral Blossom

OS X 10.10
Astral Blossom™ is a visually mesmerizing interactive animation collection for macOS, iPad and iPhone, available from the App Store, taking you on a journey through a continuously transforming lotus-like kaleidoscope. Beautiful color themes are presented from tranquil earth tones to bright and vibrant visual elixirs. The tempo of the animations changes from blissful calm to exciting dynamic visuals, a wide spectrum of inviting rhythms and modes. Geometric petals create beautiful mandalas, alluring passion flowers, and many more inviting journeys through an infinite number of sacred geometrical patterns. Astral Blossom is a great visual compliment to your music library, creating a shape-shifting journey through this transfixing tunnel of trance. It's hard to take your eyes away! On macOS, a few simple keyboard commands help navigate and change the animations. Generally, Astral Blossom is intended to present a blissful and colorful experience, calming and suitable for meditation and contemplation, and stimulating the imagination. The rich synthesis of color patterns, geometry and transparency, that evolve over time, evokes many associations in a viewers mind, and this indirect color space is a fascinating art form. Over 50 animations await to evoke your cosmic imagination. Project the visuals with a large screen or video projector for a wonderful lightshow!