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Atlas Lite is a streamlined and powerful utility that features an intuitive interface for easily generating sprite sheets (a.k.a. texture atlases). Besides designing your own sprites, Atlas will also allow you to create your own animations that can be exported to Cocos2d formats. Lay out your sprite sheets - Pack all your sprites to a single image to save memory - Restrict sprite sheet size to power-of-two or square - Rotate sprites - Move sprites manually using the mouse or keyboard Manipulate your sprites - Trim sprites - Explode sprites do disjunct parts - Merge sprites - Modify sprite bounds Edit your sprites' textures - Crop - Resize - Move - Rotate - Mirror - Basic drawing tools - Create hit polygon Create animations - Drag-and-drop frame placement - Onion skinning - Animation background image - Frame repeat - Frame offset Export in different formats - PNG and TIFF textures - Floyd-Steinberg dithering (paid version only) - 8 and 4 bits/channel color depth (paid version only) - Cocos2d compatibility (paid version only) Atlas lite has the following restriction over the paid version: - Limited to 16 sprites - Limited to 4 animations, 8 frame each - Limited to maximum of 512x512 pixel sprite sheets - No dithering, SD version or 4 bit colour depth in export Atlas Lite is compatible with OS X 10.7+ and supports full-screen and versions. More info, tutorial and demo projects are available