Nano Inventory

OS X 10.8
Nano Inventory is designed to keep receipts and expenditures of goods stored within a warehouse - quantities of goods and their value in monetary terms as well. This application was created to offer users a more simpler method of entering product data and information, allowing them to keep better track of their warehouse’s or storage facilities’ inventory. In multi-user mode, you can locate the database on the Web hosting and connect to it all your users. To differentiate the users’ permissions in the application, the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is implemented. INVENTORY FOR SMALL BUSINESS - See instantly the quantity of stock on-hand - Maintain records of goods received and issued - Create reports about stock movement for any period YOUR ENTIRE PRODUCT CATALOG - Keep an updated catalog of products, brands, and more - Search products by name, SKU, photo, and more ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Create detailed reports about turnover, margin, and revenue - Keep accurate records of clients and suppliers - Back up your data Nano Inventory includes a set of sample inventory to get you started. Once you are familiar with the app, clear the database and enter in your own info! Questions? Please email us for help or to give suggestions. We love to hear how businesses are using our app! E-mail: