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Audio Record Tool is a very useful tool for recording audio. With this software you can record your audio tutorial, online music and radio program etc. As long as you can hear online, you could record it with high quality. You can free trim your audio file after recording. Main Features: Record the audio with system Built-in microphone, computer sound card or audio input device. Set audio bit rate, sample rate, quality by your request. Trim the recording audio. Mix the computer audio and Built-in Microphone. Support a format compatible with iTunes Start/Stop recording. Pause/Resume recording. Set recording time. Choose the saved path of recording audio file. Making audio file at a very fast speed. Record audio no time limit. Audio Record Tool can record all audio from your computer. If you want to listen to your favorite songs, radio program or audio book, please record it with Audio Record Tool, so you can listen to it at any time. Audio Record Tool allows users to capture audio recording of their courses or favorite songs in a format compatible with iTunes.