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WinmailFileReader is a small yet quick letter opener to open and view winmail.dat files on Mac, it also enables you to preview every single attachment files in external applications or extract the files contained in winmail.dat attachment. The winmail.dat file usually appears because various mail programs handle message formats differently. Certain messages sent from the Microsoft Outlook mail program (or a Microsoft Exchange server) may arrive with a winmail.dat attachment if your own mail program is not set up to handle mail in the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format. The winmail.dat file contains the Rich Text Format information for the message, but usually will not open normally. (These attachments are sometimes called T.N.E.F. files, short for Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format, which is the technical term for the format Outlook uses.) Key Features of WinmailFileReader: - Quickly to open and view winmail.dat file contents. - Support open&preview every single attachment files in external application. - Could help you extract and export all files contained in the winmail.dat attachment. - Handy, small and easy to use. - Fully support OS X 10.9 Mavericks.