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"Hello and thank you very much for this fabulous application" - Fariborz Amirshahi, Italy "I really need this because I use Spell Catcher's Unicode keyboard in several apps and the Mac cannot remember that setting, so I've been doing a lot of manual setting via a hotkey" - Steven Smith, US AutoKeyboard change your Keyboard Input Language for individual applications automatically as you switch between applications Some users launch multiple apps at the same time that require them to use different keyboard languages (example: English for MS Word, Xcode…, German for Skype, Messages…). Instead of constantly changing your Keyboard Input Language, AutoKeyboard will do it for you automatically, so it increase your productivity drastically. AutoKeyboard is: - Set default Keyboard Input Language for individual apps - Lightweight - CPU consumption is zero approximately - Easy to use, 3 steps to set default Keyboard Input Language for an app: > Open the AutoKeyboard window > Select an application > Set a default Keyboard Input Language for that application