AV for Cubase 8 101 – Moving Forward With Cubase 8

OS X 10.9
This video tutorial app explains all the important features of Cubase 8! With so many new features, Cubase 8 is perhaps THE most complete DAW on the planet. See what all the buzz is about in this deep, 37-tutorial course by Cubase wizard Matt Hepworth. This course, "Moving Forward With Cubase 8", is designed both for the seasoned Cubase user who is looking to upgrade to the latest version and potential new users who are curious about what this DAW can do. Matt takes you step-by-step through all the advances and changes that Steinberg incorporated into this release while, at the same time, giving you a good idea of how Cubase 8 can work for you. The folks at Steinberg have been busy! This new version of Cubase is jam-packed with so many new, advanced features, that we called upon the most knowledgable Cubase trainer on the planet, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, to explain them. From the new Project and MixConsole features to the Chord Pads, Plugins, Instruments and MIDI tools, Matt gives you thorough explanations of them all! So, if you're a long time Cubase expert, a newbie or just curious why this Steinberg DAW is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular music-making apps, this course is guaranteed to answer all your questions and show you what Cubase 8 brings to your music production workflow. • Add your own notes to individual tutorials. • View the outline and jump to any tutorial while playing video or from the Home screen. • Mark your favourite tutorials. • Take your learning experience full screen. • Hide or show the tutorial outline whenever you want. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction (01:24) 2. Installation & Updates (03:37) 3. ASIO Guard (02:53) 4. Workspaces (05:59) 5. Preference Handling (04:47) 6. Plug-in Manager (05:22) 7. The Rack Zone (05:17) 8. Track Controls (04:46) 9. Inspector Settings (03:35) 10. Render In Place (09:26) 11. Virgin Territories for Automation (03:48) 12. Folder Event Display (02:21) 13. VCA Faders (07:21) 14. Meterbridge Wave View (01:46) 15. New EQ Settings - Including Studio EQ (01:19) 16. Pre Section Filter Slopes (01:29) 17. Direct Routing (07:45) 18. Chord Pad Basics (05:26) 19. Loading Presets (02:01) 20. Programming Chords (05:11) 21. Recording Chords (03:29) 22. Players, Layout & Remote (06:14) 23. Tuner (05:42) 24. VST Bass Amp (14:30) 25. Quadrafuzz v2 (13:49) 26. MultiBand Compressor Update (05:50) 27. MultiBand Expander (05:40) 28. MultiBand Envelope Shaper (04:28) 29. DeEsser Update (03:20) 30. Acoustic Agent SE (09:23) 31. Rock Pop Toolbox (12:07) 32. MIDI Tempo Detection (03:34) 33. Record MIDI Plug-in Output (02:29) 34. Key Editor Improvements (01:14) 35. Chord Track (01:49) 36. Note Expression Channel Rotation (01:32) 37. VST Connect Updates (02:17)