AV for Illustrator CC 106 – Trace and Paint

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The art of tracing and painting by hand is not only alive but enhanced in Illustrator CC as master illustrator Iain Anderson demonstrates in this course. Iain begins by looking at a variety of different tracing types and techniques for digitizing different kinds of real-world media. He highlights the exciting automatic tracing functions that Illustrator offers, but he also shows you the special tricks that are still needed to give your illustrations that human touch! Iain then shows you how to color your new digital tracings. He covers the exciting new Live Paint features which make coloring a snap! Iain shares the excitement of just how fast and fun it is to color artwork in Illustrator CC! Iain also illustrates that even artwork cleanup can be fun with so many “power tools” at your fingertips. He shows you numerous ways of ensuring that your artwork is in its cleanest form before and after you bring it in to Illustrator. Iain recaps this course by showing you how to build Brushes, Patterns and even 3D Objects from your freshly colored digital tracings! Stay tuned for even more advanced action-packed courses in our ever-expanding Illustrator CC series.