AV for Photoshop CS6 – Mastering The Workspace

OS X 10.7
In this introductory course, Adobe Certified trainer Jim Kanter illuminates every corner of Adobe Photoshop CS6‘s beautiful new “dark” workspace... Moving into a new office can be confusing. Everything’s a little different... a little off ...and it often takes a bit of time to get comfortable and accustomed to where everything’s located. It's funny how a revised software workspace is no different. That’s why we selected Adobe Certified Expert and seasoned trainer Jim Kanter to demystify Photoshop's new workspace and then expertly help you discover all of the tools, their options and locations in PS CS6. First off, Jim gets you accustomed to Photoshop’s “factory default” settings. He then moves on to show you how to custom-tailor workspaces to meet the needs of all your projects. Along the way, he teaches you his best practices in managing these flexible workspace configurations to make the best of every project that comes across your desk! Moving right along, Jim dishes up a generous helping of important keyboard shortcuts to help you significantly increase your productivity and speed up your all-important workflow. Finally, by the time you reach the end of this course, you’ll be navigating Photoshop CS6 like an expert while, at the same time, masterfully juggling multiple documents confidently and transferring content between them with ease! Most of all, the neon lights will be shining bright in PS CS6's new "dark" workspace! Table of contents: 1. Interface Overview 2. Mac vs. Windows Differences 3. Application Frames 4. Application Menus 5. Selecting Tools 6. Selecting Colors 7. Quick Mask Mode 8. Screen Modes 9. Tool Presets 10. Flyout Menus and Lists 11. Changing Numeric Values 12. Eyeball Your Options 13. Setting General Preferences 14. Interface Preferences 15. Transparency Preferences 16. Cursor Preferences 17. Choosing a Workspace 18. Panels and Docks 19. Panel Menus 20. Customizing Menus 21. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts 22. Creating Custom Workspaces 23. Creating a New Document 24. Opening Documents 25. Document Window Info 26. Using the Zoom Tool 27. Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts 28. Zoom Preferences 29. Using the Hand Tool 30. Using the Navigator Panel 31. Opening Multiple Files 32. Creating Different Views 33. Arranging Multiple Windows 34. Moving Content Between Files