Converter – Gif from video

OS X 10.7
The best mac video converter to GIF file tool. This program can convert video clips to gif files fast, easy to use Support mkv , avi , mp4 ,mpeg. Features: The video file is converted to a gif file fragments Adding text support Support add pictures, supports almost all image formats Support rotate text and pictures Support transparency settings Support for custom fps and size How to use: 1.Open the video file 2. After the video start playing, Click "Set start " at the position that you want to set as the gif animation 3. Continue to watch the video, when you want to set the end of the place, please click on the "Set End" button 4 Set fps and size, and then press Enter 5 You can add text watermark and image watermark 6 Click to select text (image) watermark 7 Use your trackpad rotate watermark, Zoom (Only image watermark) 8 If you want change text watermark size, please change font size. 9 .Click the button to the lower right corner named "Make". finish Notice : Some mov file may be can't play , please translate to mp4 etc. If you have questions and suggestions please send us an email to