AV for Reaper 101 – Introduction to Reaper

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Move over big name DAWs because Reaper is here! Reaper is a fully realized, affordable DAW that is competing with the big boys! Download a free version of Reaper and dig into this intro course to see what the excitement is all about... The world of DAWs is changing right before our ears and Reaper represents the leading edge of the future in music production. In this 26-tutorial introduction by MPV Hub author Gary Hiebner, you will see how Reaper has crashed the crowded DAW party and raised some audio eyebrows with its advanced features, user flexibility and unbeatable price! Gary starts off this series with a step by step explanation of the installation process. From there you'll learn all about audio: recording tracks, editing waveforms, mixing, and effects. Next up is MIDI. Here you'll see Reaper's MIDI capabilities and how to create tracks for all your virtual instruments. The next section of this course is dedicated to customization—and this is where Reaper really shines. Gary shows you the many ways you can make Reaper work for you by creating personalized themes and layouts. This intro course concludes with a look at Reaper's automation, ReWire capability and exporting options. Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Download and Installation 3. Setting Up Your Audio 4. The Arrange Window 5. Adding Audio Tracks 6. Recording Audio 7. Audio Editing Tools 8. The Mix Window 9. Adding Effects 10. Reaper's Media Bay 11. Creating Fades 12. Track and Item Grouping 13. Managing Takes 14. Setting Up MIDI 15. Setting Up a Virtual Instrument 16. The MIDI Keyboard in Reaper 17. Using the Toolbar 18. Themes & Layouts 19. The Routing Matrix 20. Transport Bar 21. A Look at Reaper's Envelopes 22. ReWire in Reaper 23. Setting Up a Template 24. Export Options 25. Conclusion