Batch Video Splitter

OS X 10.11
The application could solve your issue of sending, storing and sharing large videos by splitting them into equally sized high quality videos. A video could be split based on specified Size in MB or Specified Time in Minutes. For example : a) If there is a video of 100 MB in size, you just have to specify the size in which the video should be split.If you specify 20 MB, the application will split the video to 5 videos of 20MB size.If you specify 10MB, the application will generate 10 videos each having size of 10 MB.The videos will be generated without any frame drop. b) If there is a video of time 20 minutes, just specify the time in Minutes in which you want it to split.If you specify 5 minutes, the application will split the video into 4 parts each having 5 minutes duration.If you specify the time to 1 minute, the application will split the video into 20 videos , each having duration of 1 minute. The generated videos are numbered so that their playing order could be understood. For example : A video named "Video.MOV" will be split into Video_0001.MOV, Video_0002.MOV, Video_0003.MOV and so on. There are multiple benefits of splitting the video. For example : -- If there is a video of 100MB, you could split them into chunks of 5MB and send them in multiple emails. -- You could split video based on time and have multiple video parts that are equal in time duration.This could be very useful if you have to offer episodes or tutorials of a specified time duration. -- There are various messaging platforms that impose size restrictions on videos. In such cases, the entire large video could be sent by splitting it into multiple small videos using the application. -- You could divide the large video into equally sized smaller videos and upload them to your website.Later on you could provide the links of each part separately to download. -- Apart from this, wherever there are size limitations for the video, the application could prove to be very beneficial by splitting the videos into smaller sized videos. Note : a) Depending on the nature of the video, the split size could vary a little bit. b) At a time, a video could either be split by size or it could be split by time. Both operations could not be performed at the same time.