BatteryTruth & battery health

OS X 10.10
The only application that independently forecasts how long your MacBook will last on the battery using its own algorithms and statistics. Want to learn the real duration of your laptop’s battery life? Want to see how much time you have remaining until your computer shuts down? BatteryTruth will answer these and other questions by constantly analyzing your laptop usage statistics. Key Features: - Forecasts the total run time on the battery using the most typical usage mode - Shows "time remaining" and charging indicators - Shows the current battery charge level and projected run time, even if the laptop is still charging - Measures the battery discharge statistics while in use and while sleeping - Analyzes fluctuations from projected values and shows them - Allows the user to compare projected values to information provided by the OS - Calculates the run time increase that could be achieved by swapping the old battery for a new one - Battery discharge notification