beat bars A2M Converter

OS X 10.11
Beat bars A2M converts your audio source straight into MIDI in real-time. A2M itself does not have any built-in samples, but it allows you to use thousands of excellent third-party virtual instruments. Any instrument which receives MIDI (both physical, as well as virtual plug-ins) will work with the application. The AU/VST alternative provides several powerful options - when you work in the digital mode instead of analogue, it helps you save money, time, and there is no limit to the range of sounds. Because A2M is not a plug-in, but a stand-alone application, it works with everything. Known limitations in the beta version: - no polyphony, - no pitch bending, - only the first default audio-in channel of the audio interface is supported. A2M System Requirements: - Desktop or laptop computer with Intel processor and 4GB RAM (8GB recommended) - MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later - Built-in or external audio interface