beQUIET simple

OS X 10.9
As long as beQUIET simple is running, your Macbook's internal speakers are disabled. Meanwhile, you may still listen through your headphone jack. Simply to say, beQUIET simple only disable your internal speakers in any condition. beQUIETsimple is designed for journalist, teacher, students and other Mac users who would like to hear the sound but do not want to disturb others, such as in meetings, classrooms, courts, lectures, theaters, etc. Benefiting from your Mac's high-end hardware design, beQUIETsimple guarantees that your speakers stay quiet and your headphones working no matter if you plug or unplug your headphones (the function that PC users can never dream about!) This App is developed due to the request of a teacher who needed his computer lab to be quiet, but still let the students enjoy sound with their headphones. features: v3.20 - made for macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.9 and above - benefit from the core of beQUIET and the core was fully re-coded for macOS Sierra 10.12 - no need for any additional hardware - mute startup melody of your Mac also - check internal speaker's status and mute them in real time - headphones' mute status and volume are not effected and can be freely adjusted - saves and sets speaker's volume automatically before and after running - easy-to-use interface - startup tip - dark menu mode supported - sandboxed Open at Login (auto start) function - force quit is protected with password - dock icon is hidden and status menu bar menu is password protected - user password is saved in OS's keychain for maximum protection. v3.20 -> v3.26 - option added: simplified menu mode v3.26 -> v3.27 - menu rearranged - performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra Tips: The use of 'beQUIETsimple' is very straightforward. It will disable your internal speakers but keep your earphone works as normal. Enforce the app whenever you are in public area and it will even mute the startup melody of your Mac! To make 'beQUIETsimple' working properly, you have to allow its auto start and click Open when it is first being launched. A password is necessary too. As your password will be securely saved in macOS' keychain, please allow app's accessing of your keychain. At anytime, key in password will enable your internal speakers and unlock the access of app's status bar menu. Re-launching the mute of speakers is just one click whenever you need. You can reset your password from menu of Preferences and get help from Support menu.