Between the Worlds

OS X 10.6.6
“Between the Worlds” ranked #1 among hidden object games on MSN Top Games and on iWin. Also, the game was listed in the Top 10 in its category on several retailers’ websites, including Big Fish Games. A quiet American city has suddenly fallen victim to sweeping crime of all type and degree. The Sheriff fears that his regular police force cannot solve crimes so widespread and mysterious. As a seasoned detective with a reputation for not giving up, you are the city's last hope. Soon, it will become clear that even years of experience have not prepared you for what awaits. The crimes are not merely isolated events, but the work of a mastermind. Bent on bringing the entire world under his control, an evil Wizard is wreaking havoc on the city. Do you have the skill and persistence to stop the Wizard, or will the Wizard succeed in destroying one city after another... until all the world is under his force of evil? FEATURES Sense of real mystery, with intertwined mini-games and story 18 exceptional crime scenes for hours of mystery-solving search 12 mini-games, from strategy puzzles to classic arcade-style games A great deal of unique items to find Ask for hints and follow our news on Puppet Life Facebook page: