Bidding Contest

OS X 10.7
With the Bidding Contest you can bid the more than 500 hands according your own bidding system. It is not important how you bid; the only thing that counts is the result. After the auction is finished you will see your score and what the the best contract is. You also have the possibility to enter your comment to the auction. Here you can explain why you did a certain bid. One of the nicest things is that you can compare your bidding with the bidding of your partner. This certainly will lead to interesting discussions and an improvement of your partnership understanding You also can bid the hands let's say two month later and compare your new biddings with the previous ones. Did you bid the same way and if not why is it now different? The program does not need an internet connection. The hands are composed by Ed Hoogenkamp. He played for many years in the international top. The hands of the Bidding Contest are also published in the monthly magazine of the Dutch Bridge Association.