Screen Decal EZ

OS X 10.9.0
Display any picture on the top-most layer of screen. The picture always stays on the very top so won't be masked. Example uses include: - Pin notes on the screen. Stays visible at all time. - Display custom pictures e.g., family, pets, friends, favorite sayings, etc anywhere on the screen at all time. - Superimpose text/picture onto e.g., presentation or movie impromptu without actually changing the file content. - Display captured screenshots/crops on the screen for reference/comparison. Move around or re-size as you wish. Unlike desktop background, the app allows for displaying picture of choice on the very top layer. The picture will always stay on top and will not be masked by other apps or pictures. You can use this app for screen decoration or adding memo that is always visible. A very handy tool that will boost your productivity! * Multiple monitors supported * Re-sizing, re-positioning pictures Thank you for supporting us. Visit for more!