Birds’n’Blocks 2

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The birds are back! In Birds'n'Blocks 2 you still have to help the birds! They can´t fly because of their tiny and small wings. You have to get the birds to the safe stone-blocks without letting the birds touch the ground or fly out of the screen. It features: ✔ 120 levels (40 free and 80 available via in-app-purchase) ✔ HD graphics (incl. particle-systems) ✔ steady framerates with 60 FPS on most systems ✔ Addictive gameplay. ✔ Feature to skip levels without solving them (available per in-app-purchase) There are different kinds of blocks with different properties ("normal", "bouncy", "sliding" and "safe for birds"). You can remove blocks by clicking on them! Don´t get angry if you are not able to solve a level. They are all solvable. If you need help on any level just tell us on the "Birds'n'Blocks 2"-Facebookpage! We will help you! If you encounter any problems, please tell us ( There is one comment that states that the blocks are not visible. We can´t reproduce that. So if you have the same problem please contact us.