Blade Antivirus:Robust anti-virus software

OS X 10.10
SALE $19.99 -> $6.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Blade Antivirus protects your Mac against potential threats. It securely gets rid of files and data that may act as potential threats to your Mac and invade your privacy. Blade Antivirus for Mac is a security solution designed exclusively for Apple Mac machines running Mac OS X, keeping in mind the drastically increasing cyber threats and the security needs required for their defense. It provides protection to PCs based on Mac platform against Viruses, Spyware, Adware and other security threats. Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface With Blade Antivirus for Mac, you get a user-friendly graphical especially designed to suit the emerging technology trends. Its intuitive design is suitable for both novice and expert users. Key Features: Junk clean:Scan every corner of your system, find out junk files to keep your hard disk from being wasted. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Antivirus:On-demand Scanning(Full scan,Quick scan,Custom scan) Blade Antivirus for Mac facilitates faster scan of your system, being very light on system resources. This ensures that your computer does not slow down, even while Blade Antivirus is performing an on-demand scan of the files/directories that you access or copy onto your system. It allows you to select different files/folders in your system and scan them for viruses. You can select and scan any directory or file, your whole computer, directories in your system. Keep hackers away from your Mac. Keep your Mac safe. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Web shield:Check the trace of malicious websites and remove suspicious cookies to avoid user’s data loss. Support browsers: safari, chrome, firefox, opera.(The first app can parse safari cookies data on App store). What are malicious cookies? Cookies are text files placed on your computer when you visit a website in order to store certain information, which normally does not compromise your privacy. Cookies can be used, among other things, to customize the web pages you visit, or even to remember the user name and password that some pages require. However, the use of malicious cookies on the Internet is increasing rapidly. These types of cookies can be used to track your activity online, supposedly for targeted advertising purposes. Blade Antivirus protects your privacy by deleting the cookies that may pose a threat. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Uninstaller: Remove entire applications, including all of their associated files and reset applications to initial state.