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Send your media, advertisement or contact files to nearby phones via Bluetooth. BluSpider is easy to use application from the type “Choose and send” which permits you to send media files such as audio, photo, animation in GIF format or contact in vCard file via bluetooth to phones with active bluetooth around you. Just start the program and choose the media file from your Hard disk to send, then select “Send to All” or “Send to New”, and the working mode “Manual” or “Automatic” and click Play. Features: - Send picture like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc.. - Send audio like MP3, OGG, WAV, AMR. - Send contact (vCard) in VCF format. - Sending modes are Send to All, Send to New, or Just Scan. - Work modes are Automatic or Manual. - Schedule options for days, hours, and frequency of scanning and sending. - Built-in simple and easy vCard creator / editor with option to add picture and Geo-Location. - Custom List with known phones or successfully received media files phones. - Options to set application automatically Launch at Login and automatically start work after the program is started. - Sensibility and time-out settings. - Work with Built-in or external bluetooth. Requirement: * Intel, 64-bit processor * OS X 10.8 or later * Built-in or external Bluetooth device * Works with most phone brands, excluding iOS