Boat Racing 3D – Top Water Craft Speed Game

OS X 10.6.6
Boat Racing 3D is a top fun water craft fun riptide extreme thunder action hydro racing simulation HD game for all ages in a beautiful cityscape river or lake. Suite your taste of day or night mode for a fast boat racing or driving surrounded with water fountain and fire sparks in a remote blue sky (night mode only). Option to play this game with key controls for a jetpack happy ride. Did we say happy ride ? It depends on how you play! You may score high points like egg or deer hunter without any smash hit on waiting and floating explosive cans which will burn up your boat as well as points. Trick to find high scoring hidden hot objects like thin fish pole rod or soft balloons touch and blow. Your high speed chase is limited by water physics as well as from crush saga on float free danger obstacle objects. Trace the treasures and find the long way to find the finish line in a beautiful HD cityscape riverside . Awesome 3D graphics with futuristic city sky scrappers, bridge, under pass, buildings and absorbing motivated background music. Cool strategy mind is the king for a real big water jet ski boat rush race win! Do stunts or tricks without stepping into on red angry square block mine fire explosives. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and play this free boat racing 3D / HD games and wrap start and end race line within the stipulated time and still score big real win points to brag others? Ready..! Set..! Go. Play the top boat racing game in a best 3D city track possible. Key features: * Day and Night mode * Explosives is number one enemy to drag and drift your boat & points. * Ballons, gold chest coins, fish pole rod - collectibles for score hill climbing racing points. * Fireworks & beautiful 3D water and city building graphics * Start the extreme hyro racing with fire spirit and end it in style Planning to add more characters & levels, but don't miss out the promotional free opportunity to downland it now..! If you like fast countdown chase action packed car or bike or motorcycle rider gp racing, you will be thrilled to play this Boat Racing 3d game. Please sure check it our other following top free racing, arcade and educational games: Please visit our website or search 'sulaba inc' within app store. Extreme Biking 3D Roller Skating 3D Skateboard 3D Circuit Racing 3D Basketball 3D Kart Racing 3D Race Gear 3D Air Hockey 3D, Bowling Lane 3D Sea Submarine Attack (Sea Sub Attack) Street Circuit Racing 3D Memory Puzzle Block Smasher 3D Word Teaser Obstacle Runner Egg Splash 3D