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Now you really can sit at your desk and watch the world sail by! Boat Watch Pro offers a real-time view of boats and ships around the world, overlaid on a map or satellite view. Tap any boat's icon to see a pop-up with full vessel details - including a photograph, port of registration, destination, speed, etc. Set any boat as a favorite, and easily find it on the map again - just press the toolbar button and your favorite boat pops to the centre of the screen. Boat Watch Pro can even send you 'push' alerts when your favorite boat sets sail or arrives - perfect for people with loved ones at sea, for tracking ferries and rescue vessels - or following cargo across the world! Boat Watch Pro offers... * Spot any Boat or Ship via real-time AIS * Watch boat positions on a live map * Get the Name, a photo, Type and Destination of each vessel * Set any boat as your favorite, and track it on the map * Search and find boats and places * Single tap to locate favorite boat or home location * Share boats on Facebook, Twitter or by email Boat Watch Pro uses the world standard AIS system to track and display ships, making it easy to see what is happening at your local port, or to follow cargo or track friends and family on a cruise.