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Brought to you by Abrams Learning Trends, Bookaboom delivers a fresh collection of interactive and animated eBooks for Grades K-5 to your digital doorstep. With a wide variety of genres, reading levels, and interactive features, Bookaboom reunites children with the joys of reading! eBook Features for Everyone - Bright, animated eBooks - Entertaining fiction texts with humorous characters, active animations, and witty story lines - High-interest nonfiction texts texts with animated diagrams, labels, and captions - Text highlighting with synced audio support - Whole-book recording for fluency practice -Note-taking and bookmarking capabilities - Page-by-page instructional guidance with higher-order questions, extension activities, and teaching tips LMS Features for Educators Receive access to a user-friendly management system with the ability to create classes, add students, assign titles, manage licenses, monitor student engagement, review and assess student recordings, create assignments, and more. Guided Reading Levels: A-U DRA Levels: 1-50