Saferoom Free – security app that provides encryption for Evernote and other cloud apps.

OS X 10.10
Saferoom Mac is a free client application that provides on-top of Evernote a zero-knowledge encryption features, and it requires only Evernote app installed and a notebook to work with. Using Saferoom allows you to create a new note type - encrypted note. This note is protected by AES-256 bit encryption algorithm which is used in military type of security. Your secure and encrypted notes are stored inside Evernote, you can sync them between all your devices, but to decrypt your secure private data you will need to use Saferoom. Right now Saferoom is available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms. Besides encrypting your text Saferoom also can encrypted any attached files including PDF, images, video, audio and etc. The note is encrypted completely including all it's attachments giving you a possibility of secure notetaking. However, note title, note tags are not encrypted which allows you to search for secure notes, organize them based on tags, notebooks and titles while having their content and attachments protected. It is required to have an Evernote app installed to work with Saferoom. An encrypted note will be treated as a normal note, you can easily sync between different devices, and whenever you want to see the content of the encrypted note you will need to use Saferoom. Saferoom is based on zero-knowledge encryption principle - your encryption key (password in this case) is stored only locally, thus there is no password recovery available, and there are no accounts or cloud infrastructure used by Saferoom. Additional "one-time password" feature allows a user to create and then share encrypted notes using one-time password and avoiding to reveal master password. Also using one-time password feature you can share encrypted notes without revealing your master password. One-time passwords are not stored anywhere and allow you to send encrypted note to any other user. Highlights: - Saferoom works on-top of Evernote, so your encrypted notes can be easily synchronised between other device you own; - you can encrypt/decrypt full notes including any attachments; - Saferoom is pure client application - no accounts needed; - information is encrypted using AES-256 bit military grade encryption; - master password that is used as an encryption key never leaves your local device (it means that the password cannot be restored).